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  • All the previous scores of each member, on any accepted WIQF test, will be taken into account for the official ranking.
  • The IQ scores (σ = 15) considered are those according to the norms at the time of scoring.
  • Only 1st submission will be taken into account.
  • If the ranking score falls below 100, the member is excluded from the World IQ Foundation.
  • The minimal age to join the World IQ Foundation is 16.
  • Let the score you get after n tests be “IQ(T(n))”. It is calculated as follows:


    [ Official Formula for the WIQF (World IQ Foundation) Registration number: 3159749304 ]

    Hence, for any n≤5, IQ(T(n)) should be considered as a provisional score, which will
    be indicated as “IQ(P(n))”.

    Download the official IQ Calculator (new) by Marc-André Nydegger
    or the previous version by Marco Ripà: “IQ Calculator (old)

    Exemple given: