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If you would like to join the World IQ Foundation, please send your personal data
(i.e., full name, birthdate, country, city, email address) to marcokrt1984@yahoo.it plus a document scan (you can delete strictly personal details).

In order to receive an official IQ ranking, members have to score above the mean on at least one IQ test of the list.
Any performance at or above zero standard deviations above the statistical mean of the general, unselected population (IQ ≥100 on the Wechsler, Stanford-Binet or Cattell scale − see http://wiqf.org/wiqf-world-iq-foundation/), enables the official WIQF rank.

The only requirement is the one-off lifetime membership fee of €19, which includes the membership application fees, payable only via PayPal. No membership will be processed before the application fee is cleared. For your ease, you can use the following automatic PayPal checkouts: