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At the end of the year, for each one of the six IQ categories (for details, see
http://wiqf.org/international-titles/categories/), the member with the highest
awardperformance will be awarded as category champion of the year.


Essential requirement to compete for the champion of the year awards is that the member has taken (at least) one approved WIQF test in the same calendar year.

WIQF Awards (2014):
Class B – (G) WeiJie Wang [IQ performance 166.40]
Class C – (cG) Gabriele Tessaro [IQ performance 158.67]
Class D – (g) Alessia Iancarelli [IQ performance 144.21]

WIQF Champion of the Year (2014): (G) WeiJie Wang [IQ performance 166.40]

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WIQF Awards (2015):
Class B – (cG) Stefano Pierazzoli  158.00 [IQ performance 158.00]
Class C – (g) Ivan Yovchev Yovev [IQ performance 157.50]
Class D – (g) Norberto Costa [IQ performance 145.00]

WIQF Champion of the Year (2015): (cGStefano Pierazzoli [IQ performance 158.00]